Saving Money: Glass Replacement vs Window Replacement

Glass ReplacementAs Property Managers, cutting maintenance costs is one of the most important things when it comes to managing a rental property. While big ticket maintenance expense items like plumbing, water heaters and roofing are closely scrutinized, one item is typically overlooked: glass replacement. When it comes to reducing costs, replacing or repairing the broken glass of a window is much more cost effective than full window replacement. Why? Tom Bone of Fast Glass located in Highlands Ranch, CO explains.
Windows are one of the most expensive additions or renovations that homeowners or property will experience with their homes. Companies like Andersen, Champion, and other boutique window replacement companies sell you on the energy efficiency of buying new windows, instead of telling you that simply replacing or repairing your broken glass is more cost effective, and almost as energy efficient.

Here’s some things to think about if you are a property owner:

1. New home windows can cost anywhere from $500-$2000 per window, and cost depends on installation by a professional.
2. Replacing a pane of glass can, in comparison, run anywhere from $50 to $500 per window, clearly a significant cost savings.
3. Some property owners have the common question ‘how can I make sure I get the same glass that is already in my other windows’? Well, just about every single glass replacement professional can match LowE, Tinted Glass, Reflective Glass, Toughened Glass, Laminated Glass, Double Glazing, Clear Float Glass, or any other type available.

What’s the advantage of finding a glass replacement specialist? Most companies can tell you whether replacing your glass will suffice, or whether you need to replace your entire window. The majority of these companies can offer window replacement service as well, so you don’t need to call the big companies that will most likely charge you more.
Next time you have a broken window, or a fogged up window pane, consider simply replacing your glass instead of your entire window. Your pocketbook will thank you!