Property Management Software & Tools: Let’s Get Digital!

property management softwareThe state of the housing market has created a boom in the rental world. Property managers just like you can capitalize on this, but only with the right tools. From easy-to-use property management software, cloud-based solutions, tech accessories and property rental management-focused websites, you can stay ahead of the curve, fill those vacancies, retain residents and get more done—period. You don’t have to be a tech wiz, either. Here are all of the digital tools and top tech that you should be using.

Property Management Software

The powerful Property Matrix software is not only user-friendly, it is fully customizable, too. With this software, property managers can customize everything according to their business. It also offers enterprise accounting, which makes managing a team simple, whether it is a team of 20 or 200. In addition to these two features, Property Matrix also offers document management, a helpful communication hub that can send email blasts to tenants as well as a zero-cost payment system. Property managers can also get excited about its check scanning and document signing features which help save time. In total, there are a whopping 120 features available with the Property Matrix software. And with an average customer rating of 5.0, it is a solid choice for property managers looking to streamline their business.

The One Tool That Can Do It All

You don’t need a traditional desktop computer to get things done. And you don’t always have to be bound to your office. There’s one tool that can do it all, on the go. It’s portable, high-functioning and easy-to-use, too. The Apple 9.7 inch iPad Pro is a sleek tablet that can be used for signatures, processing transactions, scheduling appointments, working on new projects with contractors, tracking rent and much, much more. It’s lightweight, which means you can slide it into your briefcase or work bag and not have to worry about lugging around a heavy, laptop all day. Plus, having the Apple iPad on hand at all times shows your tenants and your partners that you’re up-to-date, tech-savvy and ready for whatever happens next.

Streamline Day-to-Day

Appfolio, another helpful property management software, can not only help property managers grow their business, but the easy-to-use tool can make their business more efficient and profitable, too. This cloud-based property management software was built with the modern manager in mind. With its many features, property managers can fill vacancies, cut time spent on rent processes in half, get daily tasks done faster, all while saving money. With the option to work anywhere, anytime, Appfolio is a smart choice for the property manager with multiple properties to care for and oversee. The Appfolio team even provides access to helpful webinars so that property managers can learn what it takes to better streamline their property management business.

A Guiding Website

There are a lot of resources out there, online blogs, in-person seminars and more. However, the website has it all in one place. Whether you are searching for helpful data-driven infographics, detailed rental management e-books or the latest trends in property management, this site has it all. Covering topics such as law, marketing and resident retention, there is always something new to learn to make business better.