About Us

A Property Management Solution

Our property owner perspective has helped us create an ideal solution for owners looking for a competitive advantage with around-the-clock access to their property’s financial, tenant, and maintenance information.

We have over 30 years of experience with income property investment, high value real estate sales, property management, and commercial land development.

Having been on the client end for many years, we intimately know the pitfalls and mistakes made by property management companies. By centering the management business around the web, we’ve enabled our clients to have what we’ve always wanted: a real­-time, on demand web interface that handles everything related to owning a property and maximizing a property’s return.

We’ve created a sophisticated and super user­-friendly property management system through the implementation of an online interface with both Owner and Tenant portals. Utilizing the web and automating such things as notifications when tenant payments are received, on­-demand financial reports and generation of work orders for maintenance staff, bring the property owner face to face with the status of their investment. When one can see the their investment property as it really is, one is better prepared to make important decisions such as property enhancement, rent increases and additional property investments.

Because we are long time income property owners, we are able to provide expert consulting services that identify new potential property investments. Our clients are afforded the opportunity to customize their participation and lean on us for advice.

We strive to maintain a transparent and honest business that holds itself to highest level of integrity and good business relationships. Our goal is to maximize the return of every client’s property investment and achieve a long­-term relationship with our company.

We are privately owned and operated in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Robert Freedman

Managing Partner

As Broker of Record, Robert brings 30 years of real estate experience to First Light Property Management. As an owner/developer of many apartment buildings during the last 3 decades, Robert has been intimately involved in all aspects of running his buildings, and helping other owners successfully manage their properties in an effort to increase returns and build wealth. Robert brings the experience necessary to fully understand every aspect of property management, and is a great asset for property owners to call upon no matter what questions they may have.

Robert is a graduate from the Architecture Master Program at Cornell University and is an active member of various local and regional Real Estate organizations.

Trevor Henson

Managing Partner

Trevor Henson is the founding partner of First Light Property Management, Inc. Trevor has worked in real estate development and project management since 2003. Working both nationally and internationally, Trevor has managed projects ranging from small multi­-family units to the planning, scheduling and management of large scale real estate projects with clients such as: Lennar Homes, The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, and The Irvine Company.

Trevor has co-­authored a portion of Michael Levy’s recently-­released book 50 Interviews with Successful Property Managers: Advice and Winning Strategies from Industry Leaders. Trevor’s contribution to the book – a section titled “Online Marketing and Social Media for Property Management” details innovative ways to use online and social media to decrease vacancy rates and increase customer service satisfaction.

Currently Trevor manages the Southern California Division of First Light Property Management, Inc overseeing new business development, information systems and client relations to all units in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties.

Trevor Henson is a graduate from the University of Southern California’s Marshal School of Business and is an active member in his local Alumni Association.

Taylor Williams

Managing Partner

Taylor Williams is a partner and CFO of First Light Property Management, Inc. Taylor oversees the accounting department at First Light Property Management, Inc and is an integral part of the day to day operations of the company. Taylor is a licensed California Realtor and handles the daily operations for over 100 medium to high-­end multi-­family units. Taylor’s 8 years of experience in real estate include Commercial Leasing, Residential Sales, Residential Development, Multi-Family Development, and Renovation Management.

Taylor’s experience as an owner/developer enable him to understand the needs of property owners, and help them come up with viable solutions to the problems that they may encounter.

Taylor is a graduate from the University of Southern California’s Leventhal School of Accounting.