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Los Angeles property management can be a time consuming and complex activity. Whether you are an owner of a single-family dwelling, a 5 unit apartment complex or a large 200 unit apartment building, a good property management company works round the clock to make sure your investment is protected and maintained. First Light Property Management has the 30+ years of experience and provides all your property maintenance(interior and exterior), vacancy leasing, real time accountingthrough our online database, and 24/7 customer service.

As veteran Real estate investors, we intimately know the responsibilities of rental property ownership.

First Light Property Management compliments its property management experience with specific knowledge in:

  • Rental property evaluation
  • Local, state and federal landlord/tenant laws
  • Real estate trends and market conditions
  • Experienced, licensed contractors



Income property management in LA is our specialty. Our business is designed to be scalable in order to meet the needs of a growing income property investor. We work with individual clients who own single family homes all the way to investor groups who own a half dozen 150+ unit apartment building, and everything in between.

If you would like to learn more about any of the services we offer below, please contact us.

  • Bank account management for property owners
  • Apartment renting and leasing
  • Customer service for owners and tenants
  • FAST maintenance turnovers of vacant units
  • Accepting, process and track online rent payments
  • Tenant evictions
  • Property showing to prospective tenants, including online virtual tours
  • Personal tenant interviews and screening
  • Credit, criminal and eviction background checks
  • 24 hour property maintenance (emergency and non emergency)
  • Project management of large repairs or renovations (additional fee’s may apply).
  • Lease negotiation and execution
  • Lease modifications and updates
  • Lease termination and eviction
  • Rent collection and distribution


First Light Property Management’s corporate office in Manhattan Beach, Ca is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Our regional property managers field calls in their local areas for apartment leasing and appointments.  We are on call 24 hours for any emergency maintenance issues.


If you are interested in our property management services in the LA area (including the South Bay) please contact us or get a free estimate.


Yes. We have an after hours and weekend emergency number that is provided to all of our tenants (800) 801-2211. Common emergecies such as a broken pipes, leaking roofs, flooded floors, etc will be handled within an hour of notification.


A representative is always on call at this number, day or night.


No. As part of First Light Property Management’s property management services in Los Angeles, we do not charge for the coordination of everyday maintenance or preparing a unit for rental.
For example, we will put together an efficient team of plumbers, carpenters, handy men etc to handle any maintenance need that your property may have. Interested in learning more? Contact us.

photo3First Light Property Management’s property management accounting is handled transparently through our online accounting system. Each client is given the ability to log into their secure and private access accounts to check the status of their properties. Each vendor invoice is scanned and loaded into our system so that can be downloaded for viewing (see image on this page).


bankingProperty management accounting reports can be generated by owners 24 hours a day and downloaded in PDF format. Some of the most popular accounting reports that our clients can run are: rent rolls, income statements, work order and maintenance histories and vendor expense lists. Accounting reports can also be emailed, faxed or mailed based on client preference.
Traditional property management relies on an archaic hand collection of checks, invoices and cash receipts. First Light has optimized this dated accounting process by bringing the expected end of the month reports, budgets and statement into online formats.

photo3Non-emergency maintenance requests must be made in writing by the tenant named on the lease. Our online property management system allows tenants to submit maintenance requests through our online tenant portal. Property maintenance requests can also be mailed, faxed, emailed or physically dropped off to our office.




First Light Property Management is more than happy to use your handyman for the maintenance of your multifamily or single family investment. We only require proof of insurance and license in order to do business with him.


Additionally, if you would like a 3rd party maintenance referral, we are happy to connect you the top contractors in Los Angeles.

photo3Yes. All of First Light Property Management’s residents enjoy the advantage of being able to pay rent online. By being able to collect rent online, we are able to collect rents in a very timely fashion as well as provide an easy payment option for our residents.


If you are interested in learning more about how we collect and track rent online, contact us and we will take you through a tour, or check out our “Maintaining Your Accounting Records” page.

photo4We provide property management services in Los Angeles, greater Los Angeles and the South Bay areas, This includes but is not limited to property management service in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Westchester, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Long Beach and San Diego.


If you are interested in property management in any of these areas, please contact us.

photo3First Light Property Management’s specialty is not short term rentals, however we will help you locate a reputable company that does such a thing.

photo1We will manage single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, townhouses, condos, small apartment complexes and large apartment complexes. First Light Property Management also manages HOA’s.

If your property fits this criteria and your property is based in Southern California – please contact us or get a free quote.

photo1Yes. First Light Property Management offers online book keeping and HOA fee collection. Are you tired of managing your home owner’s association yourself? Click here to receive a free quote for management for your HOA.


Property management fees for a single family home range between 6% to 8%, depending on the condition and location of the property.


Contact us or get a free property management quote.


Property management fees for apartment buildings are based on variables such as : the amount of deferred maintenance the building needs, number of apartment units, current on site manager, and the scope of First Light’s management responsibilities.


Contact us for more info or get a free property management quote.

photo1Yes. First Light Property Management will make any property bill payments requested – including mortgages – as long as adequate funds are available in your property’s trust account.

Contact us for more info or get a free property management quote.



First Light Property Management can electronically deposit your payments directly into a designated bank account. Our client’s only pay the associated bank fee (if any).


Check out our “Maintaining Accounting Records” page for more details. Or contact us for a virtual tour of our property management system.

photo2Filling apartment vacancies is a very important job of your property management company. First Light Property Management will assign a dedicated leasing agent or property manager ensure that your prospective residents receive the customer service required to fill your vacancies quickly. As your property managers, we make sure that inquires made to our office about your vacancy are answered immediately and emails are responded to within 15 minutes of receipt.

photo1The maintenance and renting of your apartments can be a very time consumeing process. The return on your investment is dependent upon having your building full of quality tenants and keeping up with maintenance requests that those tenants require. A contract with First Light Property Management gaurantees that a highly trained leasing staff and around the clock maintenance personell are working with your property’s best interest in mind. We offer weekend and after hours leasing schedules and a 24-hour emergency line to handle all the need property management needs. Click here for a free quote.

photo3At First Light Property Management our accounting records are updated continually giving us the ability to let an owner know how much money is in their account, what outstanding bills they have to pay, and an estimate of how much money they will have left at the end of the month for owner distributions. Also, our accounting department is open on all business days, and our accounting information is available to owners 24/7 through their on-line owner’s log-in.


Investment property maintenance can be a large expense if your current property management company charges you seperate invoices for every light bulb changed as well as the travel time to and from your property. Our professional property managemengt office works diligently with our maintenance supervisors to schedule routine rapairs in an efficient and cost effective manner. Does one of your buildings in downtown Los Angeles need a new facuet and the other a few blocks over need few light bulbs in the hall? It makes economical sense schedule one maintenence person, in one truck on the same day and not on 2 seperate trips. We make sure that your properties are not nickel-and-dimed to death with questionable maintenance and we gaurantee that repairs are scheduled efficiently.

photo4First Light Property Management in LA offers each of our clients personal online access to each of their properties we manage. Our owners can log in and check the status of property income, expenses, maintenance requests and work orders from any computer, worldwide. First Light scans and attaches each vendor invoice in our unique online accounting system so that you know exactly where your money is going – at all times, from anywhere you may be.

photo4We are always a phone call, email, or text away from our clients. We know that timely communication is essential to running a property smoothly, and we have put in processes to help make this possible. Our receptionists are always available during business hours, we are constantly fielding emails from our offices, or from our blackberries, and we provide our clients with our direct lines so that they can reach us outside of business hours for all emergency items. We also provide our tenants with emergency contact numbers for any plumbing or other emergencies that may come up.

photo4First Light Property Management takes pride in providing it’s clients with unmatched customer service. We provide our clients with as many avenues of communication as necessary, and at the very least will get back to them within 24 hours, although we make every effort possible to be available to them at any time. We also provide our clients with live access to up-to-the-minute information through our website, allowing clients to run reports at their leisure, and to see what is happening with their properties at any time.

photo2First Light Property Management maintains up-to-date accounting information that is constantly being refreshed, and therefore provides owners with a real picture of where their properties stand at any point in the month, not just a wrap-up of what happened last month. Each property owner is different, and we are able to customize the information that is available to them based on their specific needs.

photo7First Light Property Management is dedicated to providing our clients, and our tenants with the best customer service available, and while some situations may be out of our control, we are always willing to go the extra mile to make it right.

photo6We at First Light Property Management are willing and capable of taking on whatever additional requests our clients may have. Whether we are helping our clients identify, analyze, and purchase new properties, or undertaking major Capital Improvement projects, we make ourselves available to help our clients reach their objectives with their properties.