Apartment Security Device & Gadget Review

This month we explore the latest apartment security device and technology for the renter community. Please welcome our guest blogger, Hannah Hutchinson, was she leads us through the ins-and outs of some of the most sought after apartment security devices on the market this holiday season.

Canary All-in-One Home / Apartment Security Device

Apartment Security DevicePhoto credit: Security Bros

This is a lightweight and portable device that’s perfect for apartment dwellers. The “All-in-One” part of its name is well earned. Its main function is an HD camera with night vision. Users can also monitor the feed remotely and in real-time using their laptop or smartphone. This way, you can see what’s going on in your apartment 24/7 even in the night hours when the lights are off.

Additional features include motion detection, remote siren control, and temperature and humidity monitoring. All videos can be recorded and saved into the manufacturer’s own cloud storage, the Canary Cloud.

Fake TV Light

Fake TV LightsPhoto credit: Modern Survival Blog

This is an inexpensive gadget that simulates the flickering light of a television that’s switched on. Watch this short video to see a fake TV simulator in action. When viewed from the outside through a curtain-covered window, it really does appear as if the television is on.

Some homeowners deter burglary by actually turning the TV on before they leave the home. While this is a legitimate method, it also consumes far more energy compared to using a fake TV light, which uses energy-saving LEDs. The light is also easily visible during the day hours. The device is lightweight and is roughly the size of an alarm clock, making it ideal for small apartments


iSmartAlarmPhoto credit: B&H

The iSmartAlarm kit provides an all-in-one apartment security device solution. The many components cover all the essentials, such as cameras, motion and contact sensors, and smart switches. The main piece is the CubeOne, which is essentially the motherboard that connects all the other components to your router.

Once set up, you can configure the iSmartAlarm a number of ways. You can, for example, set the camera to recognize the facial features of all home occupants and send an alert if a face it doesn’t recognize is captured.

Due to the many pieces, this is one of the more expensive security systems, but there’s no monthly contracts or payments required once the system is purchased.

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Ring Video DoorbellPhoto credit: CNET

Most apartment doors have a peephole. However, you can go a step further by installing a Ring Video Doorbell. When pressed, not only does it produce a chime, but a video feed is also sent to your smartphone, so you get a full and clear view of who’s at the door before answering. There is also a built-in motion detector, so you are also alerted even if the doorbell isn’t pressed.

Also, unlike a typical peephole, the camera on the Ring Video Doorbell provides a full 180-degree view in HD. This means you can see additional people even if they are standing slightly to the side and not directly in front of the door.

Dog Barking Alarm

Dog Barking AlarmPhoto credit: Security Guard

Even the most daring thieves will think twice about breaking into a home occupied by a ferocious Pitbull or Rottweiler. Don’t own one of these large dog breeds? Not a problem; a dog barking alarm will trick would-be burglars into thinking your home is guarded by a loyal four-legged canine.

These alarms have a set of “eyes” that can detect movement even through walls. This will trigger the alarm, setting off a vicious series of barks. In addition, the bark can also be switched with a chime, so you don’t end up scaring friendly visitors when you’re at home.

A dog barking alarm is especially recommended for apartments that allow pets. An intruder that did his homework on the premise might not be so easily fooled.