Property Manager’s Guide to Gutters and Downspouts

Property Manager’s Guide to Gutters and Downspouts

Every landlord or property management company knows how important it is to have gutters and downspouts protecting their properties from water damage. Without them, rainwater can collect on the roof of the building or pool around the foundation of the building. Ultimately, creating the possibility of severe damage to concrete, drywall and roofing materials. Considering that water damage can cost property owners and managers thousands of dollars, having the right gutters and downspouts on a property is more than a good investment — it’s just good sense.

Yet with so many styles and materials available for gutters and downspouts, property owners and managers might be left wondering what’s best for their properties. Although the differences might appear to be merely cosmetic, choosing materials for gutters and downspouts can make a significant difference in terms of the work they require for upkeep, how much it costs to install them, and how much it will cost to maintain them over the life of the property.

For example, vinyl gutters may be the most affordable option, but they come with some disadvantages that should make property managers think twice about installing them. Their affordability might make them seem attractive initially, but their weaker construction means they won’t stand up to heavier loads. They also tend to become brittle after extended exposure to heat and cold. Meaning, property managers may need to replace them more frequently than other types of gutters.

On the opposite end of the price spectrum, property managers may be attracted to copper gutters because of their rust-free construction, their attractive look and their durability. However, they require professional installation in order to weld the joints together — making them even more expensive than the cost of materials.

Choosing the right gutters and downspouts for a property is one of the most important decisions a property owner or manager can make, which is why it’s important for them to have a clear understanding of all the options as well as their pros and cons. This guide from Aerotech Gutter Service should give you a good place to start when selecting gutters and downspouts for your property.

Infographic: Property Manager's Guide to Gutters and Downspouts

Infographic produced by Aerotech Gutter Service