Letters to the Property Manager: Customer Service & the Maintenance Man

Property Management MaintenanceThe maintenance team that a property management company employs is critical to the customer service and resident retention an apartment building.  The attitude, demeanor, punctuality and friendliness of Mr. (or Ms.) Fix-It is often times the difference between a tenant moving out as soon as their lease is up or choosing to live at the property for years to come.  How does your maintenance team approach customer service?  What policies does your apartment management company put place that hold in-house personnel or outside contractors to a certain level of customer service?   _Trevor

Below is an email that our office received from a new resident who moved into one of our apartment buildings in Hollywood, California.

—Resident Letter—

Dear First Light Property Management,

Don came over to the building today (Wednesday) to look over the items on the list I sent you.  First of all, he’s a very nice gentleman and I was impressed with his ability to quickly address the issues I was concerned with.  He immediately recognized what happened or what needed to be done per issue.  He resolved everything on the list aside from the carpet or the problem with the closet doors but he did manage to make the closet doors more workable.

I was particularly concerned with the vertical blinds because some of them were stuck in positions allowing neighbors to see in at night on the sides and in front of the building.  That was a privacy issue I needed resolved asap.  So Don replaced the components necessary to eliminate the problem which gives us confidence regarding not being exposed to neighbors or passers-by.

So thank you very much for the fast response to my concerns with the apartment.  It was nice meeting Don and I appreciate his time and skill.  My apartment is extremely nice and with the fixes he made, it really helps tremendously!  I didn’t expect results so fast!

Best Regards,


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