Property Managers and Apartment Siding: A Guide

Property Managers and Apartment Siding: A Guide

For property managers, an apartment building’s siding is in many ways its’ first line of defense against the elements and energy efficiency. With the right siding, the apartment building will last longer, have better curb side appeal and save the landlord more money on heating and cooling bills. The wrong siding could lead to excessive energy costs, a shabbier-looking exterior, and too many weekends lost to upkeep and maintenance.

Choose your siding wisely

Choosing the correct siding for your property isn’t as simple as choosing the least-expensive option. There are numerous factors that a property manager must consider before making such a heavy investment, because your siding must do more than provide aesthetic value. For example, vinyl siding may be the most cost-effective option. However, once you choose the color, you will be stuck with it until you replace the siding because vinyl siding cannot be painted. Wood siding provides a higher level of insulation than other types of siding. Your energy bills thus may be lower. Yet, wood siding requires more frequent maintenance than other types of siding (especially in Los Angeles). You most likely will need to paint or seal it every other year. Fiber cement siding, on the other hand, is very versatile and can look just like wood siding without the same level of maintenance. Fiber cement siding can be much more expensive, however, and it may require professional installation.

Property Managers and Apartment Siding: The Infographic

The correct apartment siding is extremely important for your property — and not just because it keeps it looking good. Before a property manager or landlord takes the plunge and buys new siding for their investment property, take a look at the information in this guide from Aerotech Gutter Services. It will detail all the factors you should consider before making your choice. Make sure you have all the information you need to choose the siding that will be best for your asset.