When is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

windows replacementAs property managers, we see quite a few homes that can use some work. Whether it’s interior or exterior, most of the homes that we manage need some sort of TLC. In some cases the roof needs to be re-shingled, or the flooring needs an update, but overall most homeowners have a list of things to be repaired or replaced.

One of the places we see always see a need for attention is with home windows. Today we’re going to focus on some tips to recognize when it’s time to replace your windows? Can you simply repair some of your home windows instead of completely replacing them? Is it possible to make old windows energy efficient? Mike Tatman from Fort Collins Windows & Doors has outlined four things you need to look for when you are thinking it might be time to replace and upgrade your windows.

  1. Your sashes and frames are decaying. This would only be the case with wood windows, and checking for decay in your window sashes and frames is easy to do. Take a sharp object and probe around the edges, searching for soft or wet wood. Any condensation inside the window panes is a clear sign that you need to repair or replace them immediately.
  2. Do your windows open and close easily? If the answer to this is ‘No’, you either have some maintenance or repair work to do. Over time, components can degrade, and although some components can be replaced, if they are not being properly maintained, your windows could be in trouble. If cleaning in and around your windows on a yearly basis does not resolve the issues, consult a professional to have a look.
  3. Is your energy bill going up? If you notice that you’re paying more for your energy than this same time last year, you might be suffering from leaky or drafty windows. To check for drafts, look closely at the caulking around each window. If your windows are not properly sealed, you could be suffering from some very expensive energy loss.
  4. Lastly, if your home was built before 1970 and you still have single pane windows, consider reaching out to a local window professional to get a demo. Window technology has taken a big leap in the past ten years, with vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows all being excellent choices for replacements.

If you are looking for quick fixes for your drafty windows, think about applying weather stripping or shrink film. Both are a much more cost effective solution, even if not as aesthetically pleasing.

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