The Areas of Your Apartment Complex Most Likely to Be Vandalized

Property Management Tips Against VandalsYou do your best to make your apartment community a safe and livable space. Don’t let vandals ruin all of your hard work. Here’s what you should know about today’s vandalism and how you can prevent vandalism in your neck of the woods.

Location, Location, Location

According to a report by the Urban Institute Justice Policy Center and the National Institute of Justice, the most frequented areas of vandalism are located within public spaces or areas on private property that are open to public view. This means big trouble for apartment complexes, as many areas of most properties are within public view. Additionally, the report cites that buildings located near downtown areas or in high-traffic areas are more susceptible to vandalism than others located in different parts of town.

General Vandalism

From trash dumping to breaking windows, no apartment is off limits when it comes to vandalism. To prevent damage, instead of using standard glass for windows around the apartment complex, consider installing a scratch-resistant or strengthened type of glass. Trash dumping can be prevented by installing locks or doors on your complex’s dumpster sites. Once an area is secured, dumping rates are likely to go down.


Neutral or plain colored walls are the prime target for graffiti taggers. This makes apartment complexes a target, too. However, there are ample resources available that building managers can use to keep taggers away from their property. One such resource is graffiti-resistant paint. Painting the exterior of the building with this advanced paint can prevent unsightly tags. Plus, planting low shrubs, vines and thorny plants around your building’s exterior can make access tough, keeping taggers away from your property.

A Practical Strategy

To keep vandals out, apartment managers or building owners can take a handful of steps to prevent crime around the area. Installing fencing is one way to prevent access to vandals. Adding ample lighting to the property can also help to reduce crime rates. Also, keeping the trees and the shrubs on the property maintained can improve the line of sight on the property, detouring vandals from your apartment complex. Additionally, the Urban Institute Justice Policy Center and the National Institute of Justice report suggests developing and implementing a neighborhood watch program for your community.

Keeping a Watchful Eye

Although the aforementioned strategies can be very helpful, there’s one tactic that keeps criminals at bay more than others. Video surveillance has been said to deter crime and repeat crimes. If your apartment complex is experiencing a surge in vandalism despite your good efforts, it may be time to add a high-tech security camera system to your property. With an advanced security system, you can expect fewer incidents and when you do catch a vandal in the act, the correct measure can be taken by the authorities, sending a message to other vandals in the area.