Pest Control Advice for Real Estate Agents

Property Management Company in Los AngelesHomeowners are often plagued with the responsibility of pest control. However, pest prevention should start even before the keys are handed over from agent to buyer. Here’s what you can do as a savvy real estate agent to keep pests out and away from your listings.

Get to Know the Silent Destroyers

It’s estimated that termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage each year in America, according to data reported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This results in more than two billion dollars spent each year for treatment of the pest. There are a variety of termite prevention measures that can be taken to decrease the threat of an infestation. At the point of construction, using a concrete foundation and keeping ventilation space between the wood and soil is key. Additionally, covering exposed wood surfaces with a metal barrier of sealant can keep the wood-eating pests from destroying the integrity of a home. Once the home is built, it’s important to keep an eye on any cracks or holes in the home’s foundation. If a crack or hole is spotted, it’s your duty to seal it up immediately. It’s also best to keep gutters and downspouts clean and free of debris.

You don’t have to do this dirty job yourself, but we advise hiring someone to do it for you to keep the listed home free of termites. Not only are termites difficult to identify, but other pests can be hard to spot too. Generally, by the time you spot the signs of a potential infestation, the pests have already caused severe damage.

Work With a Pest Expert

Unfortunately many pests can go undetected. Many people do not know the signs of a pest infestation until it’s too late. Find and treat pests before they ruin a home. Consider working with a local pest professional. These pest experts use top-of-the-line tools and technology to locate and treat pests on your listing’s property. From indoor pests and outdoor pests, a professional can cover all the bases, giving you peace of mind, which will allow you to focus on your work rather than treating pests. To get started, consider visiting the helpful online resource This website features advice, tips and frequently asked questions that can help you make an informed decision about pest control. The website also offers a helpful search tool that can connect you with a local professional. Just enter a few details including the zip code and you’ll be put into contact with an expert.

Avoid Staging Mishaps

As a real estate agent you know the basics of staging. For example, remove clutter, make the home welcoming, utilize natural light and even make some landscape changes. But, if you’re staging a home and you’ve forget to remove your rodent traps, ant killers and other pest prevention items, you may possibly scare your potential buyers away. Avoid this nightmarish scenario by thinking ahead. Be sure to keep all of these items out of sight on days when you plan to show your listing. However, if there is in fact a serious pest related problem with the property or home, such as a termite infestation, it’s your responsibility to share this with the potential buyers. You must always be honest and never try to hide a potential pest-related problem.