Outdoor living space ideas for investment propertiesAre you looking for a way to give your rental property a competitive edge? Instead of investing in kitchens and baths, which may have already been upgraded, why not address the outdoor living space?

A home with a comfortable and inviting outdoor living space will draw the attention of potential tenants who are driving by and will make the best tenants want to submit an application. In fact, in some markets, outdoor amenities are desired highly by renters. In a study of Washington, D.C. renters, 61 percent stated they wanted to enjoy the outdoors at home. If your rental property lacks outdoor living areas, here are some ways you can enhance your outdoor living space and make it appealing for potential tenants.

Start with Seating

An outdoor living space must have seating, so start with this. Choose stylish, yet durable seating, such as something made out of wrought iron, so that it will withstand the normal wear and tear of tenant use. Don’t be afraid to add some picnic tables or park-style benches, which are both durable and attractive. Make sure to arrange the seating in an inviting way before a potential tenant tours the property.

 Add Cooking Space

Purchase a grill to give tenants a place to cook outdoors. Consider making the grill a permanent fixture in the outdoor living environment so that it becomes part of the property, making it something a tenant will consider a true asset to the home. If you have a multifamily property, you can create one outdoor cooking space for the tenants to share. You can also add a fire pit for evenings filled with s’mores and roasted hot dogs around a warm fire.

Improve Lighting

Add some lighting outdoors so that the entertainment can continue after dark. Lighting around the outdoor living space is a great option, and you can also add lighting to the front of the property to draw attention and improve security at night.

Add Green Space

Yes, lawns on rental properties can be hard to care for, but a lush, green lawn will entice great tenants. A lawn space gives them a place to play catch with their kids, relax with a good book, or rest on the lawn and soak up sun. Put a little effort into the lawn or consider hiring a lawn maintenance company to assist you in creating and maintaining a beautiful, lush haven.

Add a Place to Play

Give your tenants a place to play. A playground, if your area appeals to families or a pool for people of all ages, will make your property more desirable. Even a basketball hoop can be beneficial. You will be surprised at how much more quickly you are able to rent a property when you include a recreational area.

 Make It Pretty

Finally, take the time to make the outdoor space pretty. While extensive landscaping may require more maintenance than you are able to commit to, you can add some shrubs and perennials that will grow with minimal care, then add a water feature or fountain to give the space some character. A little bit of curb appeal will draw the eyes of more potential renters.

Today’s rental markets can be very competitive. Make sure you are prepared by giving your rental home an outdoor makeover. With some of these additions, you can improve your chances of renting at a great price.


About the author:

Jessica Kyriakos is Brand Manager for Superior Site Amenities. She has 15 years of experience in the site furnishing industry, which brought her to her current role at the company. The company provides outdoor amenities, like picnic tables, grills, trash receptacles and more for your outdoor space.