Affordable Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Affordable Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Guest post by Jane Blanchard

The first impression anyone ever has of your home starts long before they walk through the front door. Your curb appeal can say a lot about you – or not. Perhaps your flimsy door handle might reflect a flimsy hand-shake? Even while on a budget you can still find effective and productive ways to really help your home look inviting and welcoming.

Door Face-Lift

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Curb appeal, or lack of it, all adds to the climax expected at the focal point – the front door. Not only does the front door serve as a security factor, it’s also a great opportunity to express the nature of the inside of the home. Without buying a whole new door, throw a vibrant color of paint to give it some wow factor, replace flimsy door hardware with strong, sturdy locks, and add some door decor like a swag or iron knocker to really give it a personal touch.

Window Treatment

You’d be surprised how refreshed a home can look with a little window manicure. Repaint shutters or add some if you don’t have any. Build window sill flower boxes to bring some texture and warmth to the face of the home. Now don’t let them wilt and die and forget about them till next Spring. Dead flowers can really detract from positive curb appeal.

Clean Up, It’s Free!

Does getting to your front door look like this?

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Sometimes all it takes is getting down to the nitty-gritty. Prune and trim trees and plants, clean up flower beds, mow the lawn, and give that path a good sweep. Like how a good manicure can really tidy up the nail beds, the yard deserves a spa day too.

Outdoor Lighting

We’ve all had to do it at one point. Send our guests out in the dark to stumble and fumble their way to their car because the porch light went out. Scratch that. There is no porch and there is no light. Install some trendy outdoor fixtures to really light up your curb appeal. Low-voltage lighting fixtures to illuminate paths come in prices that fit all budgets.

Go Green

An instant garden, some grass, and some decorative architectural pots can really bring some color and warmth to a home. Well-placed arrangements can also reflect a professional and expert look without hiring the landscaper.

Define the Driveway

curb side appeal driveway











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Okay, so we’d all love for our driveways to look like this one. Even on a budget you can repair cracks, stains, and kill off the weeds. Without doing any major upheavals to your existing driveway, consider adding some stone, brick, and pavers to define a border for the driveway.

With just a few affordable tweaks to the front yard, your home could beckon all sorts of company and not to mention, increased value too. Although we can tell you how to make the face of your home look warm and friendly, we can’t say the same for its inhabitants. That’s all you.

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