Apartment & Home Staging Tips: Match The Season

property management apartment stagingAre you having trouble renting your apartments or selling your house? Real estate experts know that staging a home the right way is the key to selling it quickly. Make it more attractive to potential buyers by staging it for the season. Real estate agents and owners alike must view the house as a product and look at it objectively. Here are some suggestions for seasonal staging:


Summertime means spending time outside. This means making sure the yard and landscaping are up to par. Go across the street and look at the house or property just as a person driving up would see it. Ensure your curb appeal is good. Are the plants overgrown? Does the grass and shrubbery look trimmed and neat? These are things a prospective buyer will notice.

The summer heat can also bring a viewing down. Make sure to keep the AC on even if it means a higher electricity bill. The property should be refreshing and cool. If a couple comes in to look at the property, they aren’t going to want to stay if it is hot and stuffy. And the heat will affect how positive viewers feel about the property.


Ah fall! The changing of the seasons. Out with the heat and in with cooler weather. Fall also means the end of your summer plant season. Ensure those dead leaves are raked and those dying, decayed bushes are cleaned up. The outside is what buyers see first, so make it a good first impression.

Include subtle hints of the season with interior design. Don’t go over the top with pumpkins, hay bales, spooky Halloween decor or festive Thanksgiving turkeys. Decorations should suggest to buyers what they could do to the home, not overwhelm them. Try discrete burlap or subtle flower arrangements. For more ideas, consult these tasteful decorating ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.


Wintertime is when we are all looking to be warm and cozy. If the property has a fireplace, light it. It will add decorative flair, stand out as a special feature and be an attractive bonus for the room.

Turn on the lights! Winter means less daylight and you want the house to be bright and inviting when people come for a viewing. Have lamps in every room and create an atmosphere people want to be in. If it’s snowy, keep walkways and porches clear. Not only is it better for safety reasons, but it makes the outside of a property more appealing. More ideas for winter staging can be found here.


As spring rolls in, bring in pops of color. Place flowers in pots around the front door to improve curb appeal. Try placing flowers, like tulips or orchids on the counters or coffee table to bring color and character to the home.

Make sure all of the past seasonal decor is put away. Don’t leave out reminders of the holiday season. Once Christmas is over, take down the old Christmas lights.

Use staging to sell. Staging a home for the seasons helps beat the competition. Making simple, subtle adjustments will help you sell a property, no matter what the season.