What Amenities Should Landlords Have for Their Tenants?

People who are looking for a new apartment or house to call home often base their choices on which amenities are included. These days, the most popular amenities tend to be geared toward the millennial generation, which generally includes individuals in their 20s and early 30s. Landlords can increase their property’s curb appeal and command higher rents by ensuring that the most popular amenities are included in their real estate listings.

Top Features

Protected parking leads most lists of desirable amenities that make life easier and safer. You don’t necessarily need a garage, but an outdoor shelter or carport can provide protection from the weather and a safe place where people know they can park. People feel safer when they park in protected, well-lit areas.

Tenants increasingly want an area that they can use for outdoor entertaining, cooking and relaxing. Protected cooking areas, outdoor umbrellas and signature barbecue facilities can increase the desirability and value of your property.

Millennial Generation Essential Amenities

Generation Y tenants try to look for uniquely different homes, and typical features that will impress millennials include the following:

• Green homes and energy-efficient appliances

• Shopping and restaurants within walking distance

• Resources for pets

• Convenient parking

• Open floor plans

• Stainless steel appliances

Market Your Property by Highlighting Amenities

Renters today don’t want a hard sell when they tour homes and apartments because they research their choices, narrow the possibilities and visit only those properties that meet their needs. Renters with cars find parking very important, and the more urban the location, the more important protected off-street parking will be.

Highlight those amenities and features that make your property desirable among renters. Other key features that impress prospective tenants include:

• On-site laundry facilities

• Cable television, Wi-Fi and Internet connections

• Storage and closet space

• Natural light and large windows

• Smart controls for HVAC systems

Things Renters Love and Hate

According to RealEstateAgentU.com, successful landlords know what renters like and what they hate. Tenants look for large, renovated properties close to shopping, nightlife and work. You can’t do much about your property’s location, but you can renovate, create inviting outdoor entertaining areas, provide protected parking and make homes and apartments more pet-friendly. Reasons for tenant dissatisfaction include high rents, failing to make repairs, missing amenities and apartments that waste energy and increase utility bills.

Millennial tenants expect quality in their amenities, services and living spaces. If you can’t afford quality amenities, then invest in something that will impress tenants regardless of whether the feature makes the cut on lists of the most popular amenities.

Tenants expect certain key features in their living spaces, so savvy landlords strive to include those features in rentals or add them to homes before putting property on the market. Command a higher price, reduce the negative influence of any shortcomings and rent property faster by ensuring that your tenants have unique and popular amenities.

About the author:

Brent Derbecker is the National Sales Manager of Skyspan Structures (www.skyspanstructures.com), a shade division of Superior Recreational Products headquartered in Carrollton, GA. Skyspan Structures is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing, and installation of commercial, wind-tested umbrellas and shade structures. We’re proud to offer custom options for your specific needs.