How Big an Impact Do Window Treatments Make in Getting Renters?

In the competitive world of home rentals, more and more landlords are learning the little touches that truly make a difference when it comes to getting their properties rented. While basics like clean and well-maintained carpets, working appliances and nicely painted walls are appreciated by potential renters, they are probably looking for other, less common amenities.

Focus on Windows

Window treatments can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the room and influence whether or not someone will want to live in the home. There are six ways to make a rental property stand out from the crowd. Among them are installing an alarm system, touching up the kitchen and, if possible, adding an extra bedroom.

Rental houses not only have to have curb appeal on the outside, they also must look clean and inviting on the inside. Window treatments from The Shade Store can go a long way in helping to attract renters.

As potential applicants walk through a property, they are making a mental checklist of things they will need to do and purchase in order to help make the rental house more like a home. If they are looking at blank windows with no mini-blinds, curtains or other window treatments, chances are good they will add them to their shopping list. If it comes down to choosing between two or three rental houses, knowing that one has nice window treatments throughout the residence can definitely end up being the deciding factor.

photo Mark Hillary

Keep the Rif Raff Out

In addition to looking attractive, window treatments can reduce the amount of light and heat in the home,  reducing electric bills. They also help with security, by obscuring your stuff from the view of prying eyes. As points out, glass does not typically do a great job of stopping heat or cold from getting in. To help keep bills as low as possible, window coverings can truly make a difference. For example, solid drapes with a white plastic lining will block light and heat in the summer. In the winter, as soon as it is evening, curtains should also be closed. This will help to keep the heat inside the residence as well as prevent people outside from having a clear view indoors.


Landlords can’t really go wrong with classic and sturdy mini-blinds or curtains. They don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but it is definitely worth the money to purchase something that is built to last. Low quality mini-blinds that break easily can make the entire home or apartment look shabby. Stick with something that is high-quality and functional and is in a neutral color. As landlords walk through the property with potential renters, they can certainly feel free to point out the window treatments as an included amenity. Chances are good that the person has already seen at least a few rental homes with bare windows, so knowing they are included in the price of the rent will definitely be a plus.

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