Tips on how to fill apartment vacancies: Tip #4 – Market Neighborhood Businesses

How to market apartments in Los AngelesTips on how to fill apartment vacancies: Tip #4 – Market Neighborhood Businesses

Is the property that you manage or own located within a few miles of a shopping mall, retail store (think: Wal-Mart), grocery store or large restaurant?  If so, then you have a very easy way to potentially garner new tenants who have stable incomes and are vouched for by their employer.  Here is how to do it:

1)      Visit the local business and ask to speak with the general manager.

2)      When the manager arrives, tell him/her that you represent a local apartment community, located at <insert address> and would like to offer rental discounts to his employees.  Ask the manager if you can return at a certain day/time and drop off a few fliers for the break room.  Here is an example of a flyer that our property management company put together: Sample Neighborhood Marketing Brochure

3)      If the manager agrees, return on the elected day and time with simple printed flyers advertising the address, contact phone number, apartment types, amenities, rental price and in BIG letters: the discount offered to the employees of <insert business name here>.

4)      Hand the brochures to the same manager that you spoke with a few days previous.  This is VERY important as you want to continue to foster your new business relationship.  At this time, you will also want to explain the types of incentives that your property management company offers to the business owners for referring employees.

5)      Smile and walk confidently out of the store – your work here is complete.

Does your property management company or landlord have a Neighborhood Marketing Program?  What succeses have you had with local business marketing?

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