Tips on how to fill apartment vacancies: Tip #3 Offer a Touring Gift

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Offering a simple $5.00 gift card to a local store or a small gift to all persons who tour your apartment building is a great incentive for people to not only visit your property but WANT to sign up afterwards.  Upon arrival, ask the prospect residents to leave their name, phone number and email on the tour registry in order to receive their free gift.  The gift should have the property address and contact info of the leasing agent tastefully attached.  These small tokens show the prospect that the property management company is welcoming and truly cares about its future tenants.

Happy tenants can lead to more “refer a friend” recommendations and the cycle continues.  In our experience, offering a small touring gift has had positive effect in setting our buildings apart in neighborhoods where apartment leasing competition is fierce.

What do your leasing agents offer as a touring gift?  Have you seen higher conversion rates from prospect to signed lease?   -Trevor