How to screen and verify tenants for your rental property

The proper and thorough screening of prospective residents for your investment property is one of the most critical tasks that you as a property owner.  By doing the leg work (and phone work) up front, you can certainly limit yourself from unneeded hassles and/or loss of rent income.

Here is a quick check list of all the screening activities that our property management team perform when we receive a rental application:

-Verification of position, salary, tenure and conduct status at the place of employment
-Two month’s original pay stubs or bank statements showing deposits
-Phone conversations with (2) personal references
-Verification of rent payments and good conduct as witnessed by previous TWO landlords
-Credit check (your local apartment association – such as the AOA – should have a service for this)
-State-wide unlawful detainer search
-Criminal background check

Do you perform any additional tenant screening measures?  What works best for your company or investment property in your area?   -TH