Why is renting an apartment better than buying a house? Because of customer service!

There are many reasons to rent an apartment in stead of buying a home these days.  One reason that is frequently overlooked is the customer service you receive as a renter from a property management company.  Instead of having to find the right handy man, plumber, electrician, etc – one call or email to your property manager and the issue is on schedule for repair.  As a renter, you do not have to worry about who is going to fix what and when and for how much – your property management has got you covered!

Take look at an email our firm just received from a departing resident – it is a great example of what I think every resident should be able to experience in their communities.  Thank you, Susan, for sharing your thoughts with us!

To Whom It May Concern:

Julie was my apartment manager when I lived at 4111 Illinois Street. I was most pleased to have Julie as my manager. She restored my faith in apartment managers. My previous experience on Arizona Street with the landlady there was so bad I don’t even want to go into it.

There were several maintenance issues that came up while I lived there. These were all handled. I was very happy that everything was taken care of by Julie and her team. Julie even came over with her own plunger one time when I was having a problem with my toilet (and my plunger wasn’t doing the job). She was very friendly and promoted a friendly atmosphere in the building. I thought that was really nice. We had many good conversations. It was always nice to know that she appreciated me living there.

When it came time to move out, she was very helpful as were members of her team. She was reassuring about the return of my security deposit. I was happy with the way things turned out. She set such a good example that I also went out of my way to be friendly and help others in the building. 



(DISCLOSURE:  I work for First Light Property Management)