whatProperty management is an upscale, highly sophisticated babysitting industry.  And property managers are the babysitters your always wished you could find for your child.  We babysit, take care of, tutor and nurture your child (aka your investment property – whatever that may be).  As property managers we will love it for you; educate it for you; make sure nothing bad is happening to it; we inform you when it is misbehaving; we reward it when it is doing well; and give you detailed reports and suggestions on its progress.  When a property management company is “watching” your investment, you can be sure that can go about your daily tasks and travels and know that your “baby” is in good hands.

A professional property management company will do the following for you and your investment:

  • Collect rents on line
  • Fix anything that breaks
  • Provide EXCELLENT customer service to your tenants, so that they want to live there for years and years.
  • Lease the apartment or home when it becomes vacant
  • Act as your agent for evictions (yes, we go to court so that you do not have to).
  • Provide emergency services 24 hours a day.
  • Perform all booking keeping activities (pay bills, reconcil bank accounts, etc).
  • Compile all resident, vendor, repair, turnover and market information as it applies directly to your investment.

Property managers take care of your building so that you – the owner, investor or partner- do not have to.  And we love every minute of it.