This post is recognize one of our best team members for her work as Property Manager in the San Diego area.  Julie truly cares for her residents and her communities, which is evident in the letters we receive from current and departing tenants (see below).  It gives us great pride as a property management company to have her on our staff.  Thank you for all your hard work, Julie!

-Trevor and the rest of the First Light Team.



To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter to compliment Julie, the manager at 4438 Ohio St. complex. A year
ago, I began looking for apartments in the San Diego area. This was a difficult task being a Los
Angeles native for 30 years and knowing nothing about the San Diego area. My husband was
being stationed to San Diego after living on the east coast for 5 years, and I was looking for a place
to call our home before he arrived. After viewing different listings on Craigslist, I came across
Julie’s listing on an apartment complex. After showing me a few different places that were ok, but
just weren’t what I was looking for, she knew the one on Ohio St. would be it. She couldn’t be
more right! As soon as I saw apartment #5, I was sold! This would be our new home in San
Diego, the one my husband could come home to after 6 long months at sea. Julie was great and
worked with me to ensure everything would go smoothly with the application especially since I had to return home to Los Angeles that day.


Throughout our year of living in the Ohio St. complex, Julie was very helpful and attentive to our
needs. Whenever she was on the property, she would check in on us to see how we were doing.
She always wanted to make sure that our requests were completed to meet our standards. We
enjoyed living at the complex managed by Julie. We were ready to buy our first home, and it was
time to leave our beloved home on Ohio St. As a first time renter, I was very pleased by Julie’s
attentiveness and kind demeanor. I would recommend anyone to rent from any property managed
under Julie.

If you would like to see what apartment units are current available in Julie’s area, take a look at our current listings in San Diego.