In my last two posts, I
talked about how and why to create an  apartment leasing video.  Now lets spend a final moment talking about
where this video lives in your online apartment marketing scheme.

Once the video is created,
it must be distributed.  Our property
management company  posts them on our site, under each
property’s individual page. We also have a Youtube channel where we
post the videos. Using Youtube, the video officially becomes “public”. Which
means anyone in cyberland can watch it.

The beauty of Youtube is:  1) the
interested viewer can follow a link to our site and take the steps to rent
the property
AND 2) Youtube automatically creates a URL that can be pasted
on any site, all the while the video lives on Youtube’s servers, not yours.

The other distribution channel we use is good ole Craigslist posts.
Craigslist allows URL’s to be pasted into the normal rental ads we place.  With this a prospect again goes right to the
source to rent the property. A few other tactics we use are placing the video
links (again created by Youtube) through,


The quicker a unit is rented, the less rental
money is lost to a vacancy factor.  By creating
simple videos to showcase vacancies, you are creating yet another avenue for
prospective to find – and fall in love with – your property.