50 Interviews of Successful Property Managers, Volume II to be published in April 2010!

The excerpt from Mike Levy’s interview of First Light Property Management, Inc for Volume II of his book 50 Interviews with Successful Property Managers is now up on the book’s blog.  I was also given the honor of writing an appendix to the book entitled “Social Media in Property Management”, which was an interesting task for sure.

The book is being published by Wise Media Group this April.  I have included a copy of the excerpt below to help minimize your need for clicking:

Henson – Interview 19 of 25 (Volume II of “50 Interviews: Successful
Property Managers”)

by Michael Levy on February 18, 2010

Trevor Henson will be the 19th of 25 interviews in Volume II of “50 Interviews: Successful Property Managers”.  Trevor is a very successful property manager specializing in managing multifamily properties.

“The happier you are, the more
money you make.”

-Trevor Henson (First Light Property Management, Inc.)



-Trevor Henson (First Light Property Management, Inc.)


Trevor Henson lives in Manhattan Beach, California.  Trevor is one of
three partners with First Light Property Management, Inc.  Trevor has
been in the real estate industry for six years.  The company was
established in 2006 and manages 25+ multifamily investment properties.