First Light Property Management to be Featured in New Property Management Book: Successful Property Managers

First Light Property Management, Inc. has been chosen to be interviewed as one of the successful property management companies in Mike Levy’s latest publication:  50 Interviews with Successful Property Managers: Advice and Winning Strategies From Industry Leaders. After my interview with Mr. Levy, he afforded me the opportunity to be a contributing author to his publication.  I accepted and I am now putting the final touches on a chapter entitled: “Property Management 2.0: Social Media and Internet Marketing”.  The book is set to be published in early 2010.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks Trevor, I’ve started reading ’50 Interviews’ right now, and I’m looking forward to the next book, as it touches on some of the much ignored social implications involved with property management and property marketing. One of the reasons I’m even doing this, is that I’m trying to find a technological solution to some of these questions – is there something out there, a computer program or web-based solution like Buildium or RealPage’s property management software that incorporates social media integration? If you or any of your readers have experience here, I would love to hear about it.

    Otherwise, I’ll keep an eye open Mr. Levy’s new book – which I’m hoping will cover this subject anyway.