5 Great Ways to Increase an Apartment Building’s Curbside Appeal

1. Exterior Power Wash

This is by far the most cost effective way to give your
apartment complex that freshly painted look and quick curbside appeal.
Here is a link to a plastering company that we use locally to do our power washes: A&D Plastering.  The process is generally a 1-day deal for
about an 1/8th of the cost of paint the entire structure.  And yes, they do windows!


Keep in mind, however, that the power wash only works if the
current paint job is decent shape, otherwise the high pressure water will
blast the paint right off.  But if the
paint is being shot off by water – it is probably time to repaint anyway.


2. Exterior Paint Job

Is the building’s current paint job too old to pressure
wash?  It’s time to set aside a budget
and save for a professional paint job of the building.  If done correctly, an owner or property management
company should be able to set aside a 4 to 6 month budget to fund this
work.  Be sure to use a LICENSED, BONDED
and INSURED paint contractor.  Yes, your
handy man will be cheaper, but chances are he is not insured…and its bad news
if he – or one of his guys – falls off that scaffolding and hurts himself…


For our Greater Los Angeles properties, we use a great painting company that does the job professionally, on time and always on budget:  TKO Painting


3.  Landscape Repair

Does the grass in front of property have dry spots – or
worse – areas where there is nothing but dirt?
Are the flowers that were planted two summers ago looking more like clumps
of sticks?  Give your landscape
contractor a call to get a quote for a few rolls of sod and maybe some new
flowers that are a little less fragile. This is another quick and easy way to add curbside appeal to an apartment building.
Life and color (or lack thereof) are one of the first things that a new
prospect will notice when walking into the building.  Dead grass, wilted plants and un-kept trees
gives the impression that the owners or property management company do not take pride in the building – so why
should the prospect?  And if the owner
doesn’t take care of simple things like his plants, how will he be able to take
care of me (the renter) when something comes up?


4.   Update or Replace Property Signage

A new or updated sign in the front of your building can
really catch the eye of new prospects.
It can be as simple as giving the existing sign a fresh coat of paint or
as intricate as rebranding your property with a new logo and look.  No matter what route you take, make sure that
the sign has an area to attach a “vacancy” placard to encourage walk
by traffic to stop in for information.


5.  Entry Way and Exterior-Lighting

Many owners and property managers have the misconception that
apartment renting is only done during the daylight hours.  This thinking is incorrect – especially in
the winter months when it is getting dark by 5pm.  If prospects are scheduled to tour the
building when they get off of work (and we definitely want prospects who are working), then they will most likely be
arriving at night.  And when they show up
at the property, the first thing the prospects will see is the exterior
lighting scheme.  Is the entry way well
lit and welcoming?  Is the address
illuminated so that guests can easily locate it?  Does it feel “safe”?  First impressions are everything, and we want
our prospects to leave with a good vibe.


Most landscape and  exterior lighting will need to be installed by  a licensed electrician to ensure the safety of your residents..

There are many more methods to increase curbside appeal, but in my experience, I find the above set of items to be the most effective, and in most cases the most cost effective.  And we all know these are very cost sensitive times.

Good luck out there!